Flexible plastic floor mats

for cage system of broiler chickens keeping

Egg belt

for egg transport system
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Own production
Any size, shape and thickness of the product.
Any size and shape of the cells.
Flexible plastic floor mats
New approach to the cage system of broiler chickens keeping
Egg belt
Optimization of egg collection and transportation
Is your poultry farm not yet equipped with floor mats and egg belts?

Flexible plastic floor mats (section floors)

Scientific broilers raising. Cage technology of broiler chickens keeping will allow you to:

  • increase the profitability of production;
  • reduce energy and feed costs;
  • reduce the time for the process of chicken handling;
  • reduce the volume of veterinary drugs;
  • increase the volume of production in a short time.

The cage system of broiler keeping is an ideal environment, hygiene and health, maximum growth of the all chickens in the poultry house.

Flexible plastic floor mats are present in the cage broiler housing systems, which are produced by the following world leaders in the production of equipment for poultry farms:

  • Farmer Automatic GmbH & Co.KG
  • FIT Farm Innovation Team
  • Big Dutchman
  • Valli S.p.A
The unique design of flexible plastic floor mats allows
  • To eliminate the problem with deep pectoral myopathy and a dermatitis of the foot pads, which ensures the meat is of premium quality.
  • To not make frequent replacement of poultry cage flooring – the service life is 3-5 years.
  • To increase the utilization rate of the useful area of the poultry house, and to increase the chicken density (broiler stock is 2.5 - 3 times higher than in conditions of standard floor system of broiler raising).
  • To use an efficient and rational method of collecting and handling poultry because of co-functioning of flexible floor mats and the underlying conveyor for poultry manure which allows getting broilers out of the sections completely with no need to catch them.
Take advantages of the flexible floor mats
Carefully selected material does not allow sags and premature breaking of mats. Resistant to chemicals used in sanitation (sanitary treatment), and to high pressure treatment
Optimally adapted to the weight, size and shape of the broilers
Provide the necessary support for the breast and legs
Resistant to ammonia contained in poultry manure
High hygiene conditions prevent pododermatitis
Poultry manure easily passes through the holes of the flooring (optimally matched cell size 14*15 mm)
Operate in a wide temperature range from -10 to +95 oС
Does not emit toxic substances at normal temperature
Resistant to cuts and abrasion
Easy to repair
Manufacturing materials of flexible plastic floor mats:
  • weight load 80 kg / m2
  • durable
  • not stretching
  • weight load 65 kg / m2
  • soft
  • elastic
In the manufacture primary material without adding of secondary material is used. It is possible to manufacture using other materials. The individual size of the floor mats. Any shape of the holes: square, hexagon, circle, etc.

The floor mats are made with different types of holes for mounting with a clips, clamping screw, etc., and they can be made as a solid mat
without fastening elements.

Sale of complete sets is possible: floor mats, clips, rails, caps for slats.

Egg belt

Egg belt speeds up and simplifies the process of obtaining commercial eggs: eggs are collected automatically and packed promptlyand most importantly – a minimum of financial costs.
Use on your enterprise egg belt systems, to:

  • get clean commercial eggs without damage;
  • automate the collection and transportation of products;
  • speed up and simplify the cleaning processes of finished products;
  • get rid of the cost of repair and replacement of equipment for a long time.
Our products are suitable for any poultry farm:
  • In the manufacture of the egg belt, we use the primary polypropylene with a thickness of 1 mm and a width of 50 mm.
  • We make several options of perforation (circle, oval, square, diamond or other as agreed with the customer).
  • We prepare holes of the required size (from 1 mm) for safe transportation of eggs without rolling.
Here are the main advantages of our polypropylene egg belts
100% safety of eggs: the egg belt does not sag, the products are securely fixed in the perforated holes
The cleanness of the eggs: Anti-static surface of the egg belt is easy to clean and is highly hygienic
Strength and increased resistance to ammonia in poultry manure, cuts and abrasion
Optimal operation in a wide temperature range — from -10 to +95 oС on a small diameter shafts
No toxic emissions under constant operation under normal temperature conditions
Easy repair and installation (the connection is made using an ultrasonic point soldering)
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